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Petition Hero is more than a website that allows you to create petitions. It is the hub of a community of dedicated activists who do more than talk about change— we enact change through collaborative effort.

Periodically we update this community about emerging threats, trending petitions and opportunities for engagement. We understand that our community members receive a lot of communications and we do our best to keep our emails to a minimum (generally no more than two per month). We also put out alerts via text messages for those who elect to receive them. We commit to you that we will never send any communication that we feel is superfluous.

We will consider requests from community members to include specific petitions in our outgoing newsletters, but we reserve the right to decline these requests. Our sincerest desire is to balance promotion of platform petitions with an understanding of our members’ desire not to be overwhelmed with messaging. We welcome your feedback on how we are doing.

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